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This is how it works

Sometimes doing the opposite is doing it right

Ghost is our own award winning LMS (Learning Management System). Ghost works the opposite way to how traditional LMS are constructed, where the course is integrated into the system. With Ghost, we instead integrate the course and hide as much as possible of underlying system. This is why we call it Ghost.

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Works on all platforms

Works without being seen

Ghost is platform reliant (and can also be applied to all types of platforms) and will adapt its look to whichever operating unit you use. Instead of hiding your education program in the system, we conceal Ghost as part of your course. You open up Ghost by clicking on the tab.

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Easy to use

Created for the user

You do not need any instructions to understand our LMS. Ghost is intuitive in its functionality and design. Ghost has been created to maximize the advantages whilst minimizing hassle and the number of functions.

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How much does Ghost cost?

It doesn’t have to cost more

We have chosen a simple pricing structure for Ghost. There is one standard price for each course, despite who you are or what you are using Ghost for.

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No unnecessary functions

You can chat in a number of different ways, anyway

We have pared back Ghost’s functionality in order for it to contain the most important functions that needs to be included in an LMS (Learning Management System). When using Ghost, you will obtain easy to understand user statistics, and you can easily handle information about users and organizations.

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The four most important features

A brief summary

What we think is most important

  • Platform independent – Ghost will adapt to your course platforms.
  • Almost invisible – Instead of hiding your education program in the system, we will hide the system in your education program.
  • Intuitive – You do not need to learn a new system. Ghost has been pared back in order to operate intuitively and functionally.
  • Simple pricing model – We do not believe in complicated pricing models based on users et cetera. With Ghost you pay one price for one course, regardless of who you are or what you are using Ghost for.